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Dance Photos 💃

En Pointe ~ taken on a Nikon D3300

Dance has various definitions but this one I found on the Urban dictionary (I know very reliable!) for me is the most accurate:
'An art form of expression using body movements. the act of allowing yourself to connect with the music and feel the beat.'

Last year my friend volunteered me to take some photos for the school dance department thinking I would be good at taking pictures because I own a camera! I had never photographed anyone else before or photographed in such low lighting conditions with fast movement so it was a challenge and although not all of the pictures turned out OK, I ended up taking over 200 that were half decent. I am in no way an expert and still rely on luck for photos like this but here are a few things I learnt along the way and need to remember! If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments as I need all the help I can get!

Things I've learnt to help take photos of fast moving subjects in low light: 
  • Continually check the settings on the camera. Whenever possible I checked the pictures I'd just taken and tried to adjust the settings accordingly to ensure the pictures weren't too dark or too noisy etc.
  • Use the highest ISO the camera possible without creating too much noise in the image. 
  • When processing the photos use a noise reduction software. There are many free ones that can be downloaded off the Internet and work quite well. I used ND noise (
  • Take advantage of the light that is available
  • Take photos in RAW so that they can be edited after to enhance them and lighten parts that are too dark without losing quality.
If you want to take low light photos I suggest looking somewhere else for advice as I've learnt through trial and error and so am most likely VERY wrong 😊

My extremely talented 😉 friend Rachael has given me permission to use these pictures on here.

If you've made it this far, Thank you! I write this mostly so I can look back and see things I've done so if anyone else reads this then that's a bonus!
Also, I am not great at spelling and grammar so if there are loads of mistakes please comment


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